Welcome to my blog. I hope you will be enjoy what you read and be back again soon!

          I’m Jeff’s wife, Chelsey’s mom, a Jesus-loving, guitar-playing runner girl, word nerd turned fledging author.
          In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and meet some genuinely fascinating people. There have also been some “real life” challenges along the way. All of these things, the good and the bad, have taught me deep and meaningful truths about life and, more importantly, given glimpses into the heart of my Father. This blog is simply one chick’s attempt to chronicle those lessons.
          So come on, pull up a chair on the front porch. Let us gaze over the cornfield and watch the sunset as we explore the grand adventure of learning more about who we are, simply by looking at the incredible world beyond ourselves.

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He Sees, He Hears, He Cares

I’m embarrassed to even say this, but when trouble hits, my first instinct is panic. I immediately start trying to figure out what I need to do: How can I fix this? How can I do damage control? What is my best course of action? I am quite sure that in those moments my heavenly … Continue reading He Sees, He Hears, He Cares

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